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Wedding at Hotel Belles Rives

Dec 15, 2022

Featured on Wedding Sparrow.

Welcome to Antibes in the south of France and more precisely on the sweet French Riviera.

I present to you the wedding of Kirsten and James, two lovers with an infectious smile and a big heart.

They live in a small village near London and the couple spent much of their childhood vacations on the French Riviera. It was natural for them to choose a place that represents an important part of their life.

This wedding is in the colors of the reception venue, the Hotel Belles Rives, a 5-star hotel with blue tones that can be found everywhere… The drapes, the parasols and the name of the venue!

We can therefore find on the wedding of Kirsten and James, a subtle mixture of blue and white, but also some hints of green reminiscent of the palm trees of the French Riviera.

The spirit is elegant, but remains chill at the same time. We can see it in the outfits of the bride and groom and Kirsten’s magnificent dress and the more relaxed side of James while remaining a gentleman!

Find the testimony and opinions of the couple at the bottom of this article.

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From the Bride and Groom

Why did you choose this place?

James and I met in the south of France so it’s a very special place for us.  His parents have a place in Antibes so every summer we went back. For our anniversary one year we had dinner at the Belles Rives to celebrate and funnily enough, I wore white thinking he would propose!  It didn’t happen that night, but flash forward about 18 months and he finally did.  The Belles Rives felt perfect for the atmosphere we wanted to create- elegant, unique with a touch of glam but also very natural and just fun.  Given the history of the venue it was perfect.  

How did you imagine the style of your wedding?

We really wanted the wedding to be a reflection of the both of us as a couple.  For me I really didn’t want a princess, girly wedding.  Instead we wanted it to be a big fun party.  Elegant and memorable, but also laidback and natural.  We chose flowers and colors to compliment the venue and setting and banned roses, instead going for a more wild, modern and natural look. We also wanted to make a weekend out of it, hosting our guests and showing them the South of France and making it a fun experience for everyone.  A nice way to say thank you to our favorite people! 

What is your fondest memory of that day?

So hard to pick one… You hear from so many couples the day is a blur so I tried really hard to ensure we could feel present on the day and I think we did very well with that!  For me it was the little moments like getting ready with my girls, the moments right before I walked down the aisle with my mom, during dinner just looking around at everyone, and dancing!  The music and sax player was great and we danced so much, everyone was sweaty haha.  Actually, I know, the cake cutting is my fondest memory.  You could really feel the atmosphere in the marquee!

Do you have any advice for other newlyweds or a final word? 

When planning really do what you want.  It’s such a funny industry and there’s so many “rules” on what you should and shouldn’t do… do what feels good for you!  Also, it’s tough at times, but try to remember this is supposed to be fun.  Try and just let go of little details and perfections and just be present, my favorite memories are from the lead up to the big day so enjoy them, that’s most important.  

Hotel Belles Rives Antibes

Crédits : Photographer : Jeremie HKB | Wedding Venue : Hôtel Belles Rives | Wedding Planner : Superplanner | Videographer : Ly Pictures | Flowers : Jardin d’Alice | Music & Photobooth : SVP Spectacle Hair & Makeup : Trine Juel & By Jodie  | Stationnery :  Clare Fisher | Flatlay design : Emily Alarcon

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Suivez Jeremie sur Instagram pour découvrir ses mariages récents, les coulisses de son activité, sa famille, ses aventures et bien plus encore.