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Fairytale Wedding on the French Riviera

Dec 20, 2022

Featured on Style me Pretty.

Lovers of France and even more of French Riviera, Marta and David have chosen a destination wedding. Indeed, they both live in the United States with their dog Fuji (in reference to the mountain). This one could not be present at the wedding but you will see several winks throughout the wedding (Flatlay, cocktails, on the wedding cake).

Marta and David picked South of France after many other iterations of where we could do it. We LOVE the bright, sunny, and light airy vibes that the French Riviera emanates. It makes their think that they are on vacation and the rest of their life at home has stopped for it!

They spent a lot of time thinking with the wedding planner (Anne Laure) about where to celebrate their wedding and they chose Château Saint Georges after considering many options! What struck them was the striking and memorable facade of the castle, the perfectly maintained golden interiors and the exteriors lined with palm trees!

– The location of the ceremony is very special. Nestled in the greenery of the garden on the stairs near the castle was intentional because they wanted a more intimate space, a kind of “secret garden” to share their wishes.

– Long tables, instead of circular tables for a feeling of intimacy and family between all the guests.

– Marta especially loves flowers, so it was important to her to bring natural beauty to the space! – In special things, they took a painter to paint the ceremony and have a unique memory.

Find the testimony and opinions of the couple at the bottom of this article.

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From the Bride and Groom

According to you, what are the important elements of your wedding

First and most importantly, the people that have come halfway across the world to celebrate our wedding with us. Many have taken a week from their lives to come to a destination that they’ve never been to before purely out of their love for us!

How we chose the venue and location : We were set on doing our wedding in Europe because of our heritage – Marta is Polish, David is Bulgarian – and France was a country that embodied the romantic and airy feel we wanted from our wedding. The south of France was a region that we had both visited before and really enjoyed – for David, the Mediterranean reminded him of family vacations he used to go on when he was growing up in Bulgaria.

Chateau Saint Georges brought together the coastal nature of the Cote d’Azur with its magnificent palm trees and flowers and the classical architecture of old world France. We also loved that it was more than just an indoor venue space. We had an entire estate with the Chateau, a neighboring Villa and several gardens our guests could explore and enjoy. 

How we chose the colors : Chateau Saint Georges provided a beautiful canvas – the creams and golds of the interior, pale pinks of the exterior and lush greenery of the estate were all things we wanted to respect, so it was important to us to find a palette that would compliment the beautiful surroundings, and not clash with them. We wanted to dial in on a romantic, airy and light feeling, so were drawn to whites, creams, pale pinks and greens that together would create dimension and remain warm and inviting. 

Highlights of our wedding ?

Writing our own vows and getting to say them in front of our family and friends was very special to us. We also had a close friend as the officiant and that made the ceremony even more meaningful.

All of the speeches from our families, best man, and maid of honor – our wedding was small and intimate, which allowed our guests to really experience and be part of the heartfelt remarks they delivered.

Advice for other couples looking to do destination weddings: 

Working with a wedding planner that you trust is really important when you cannot regularly visit your wedding location. Because of the distance, it’s helpful to delegate as much of the responsibilities as you can and working with someone that is experienced and reliable makes this much, much easier.

You can’t make everything perfect – so pick a few things that you really want to focus on. The key things that we spent the most time focusing on were our ceremony and the experience of our guests. For our ceremony, we were purposeful about where in the venue it would be held, how our guests would be sitting, who would be involved in the ceremony, and the order of events. And regarding guest experience, we also spent quite a bit of time thinking through their transportation, food & drink, accommodation suggestions, and event timing to ensure the entire experience was comfortable for them. 

We found that planning events around the main wedding day was important – it gave our guests a structured way to enjoy more of the region and allowed us to spend more time with them throughout the weekend. We held pre and post-wedding events in Nice and Villefrance Sur Mer, which our guests may not have had a reason to see if we only held our wedding day event in Grasse given the distance.

Chateau Saint Georges Wedding

Crédit :

Wedding planner : Anne Laure Weddings | Venue : Château Saint Georges | Photographer : Jeremie Hkb |  Vidéographer : Jino Agnelli | Wedding Planner Assistant : Amoro Events | Caterer :  De bouche en bouche | Flowers : Sisters and B | Light : Mix and Light | MUA : Ylva Langenskiold | MUA Guests : Belle comme un camion | Second Shooter : Christophe Desfontaines | Rentals : Joli Bazaar | Starry sky : Dx Events | Live Painting : Mae Wyld | DJ : Ben Spencer

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